Travel Journal Dilemma

In preparation for the Iceland trip, I'm been trying to decide what kind of travel journal I want to take. I'd like to do some writing, sketching, and collecting of receipts and other mementos. 

I tried a Moleskin in the past, and I wasn't thrilled with the paper when it came to sketching. I did like the elastic closure, but otherwise, I didn't care for it. I currently have a Leuchtturm blank page (not sure of the model) journal that I use for sketching. It is fine with pencils and pen/ink, but the paper is too thin for watercolors or washes.

I'm leaning toward a lined journal, but I haven't decided on a brand or a size. So much to do and so little time! Iceland is right around the corner! 

In my research, I came across a helpful article on how to choose a travel journals and how to make the work. Check it out here

I also came a great blog article from European Paper. Here's the link. I liked their layout so I'm going to share that on my blog (see below). After comparing some of the journals they sell, I'm considering the Rhodia Webnotebook, a Clairefontaine notebook, and the Leuchtturm 1917. Do you have any experiences or suggestions for me? Please leave a comment. 

No worries, once I finally make a decision, I will happily share it and my experience with the journal after the trip. 

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