Brookside Gardens Morning

Brookside Gardens is some place that I've wanted to visit for a while. I found it while searching the Internet for somewhat local botanical gardens (I didn't want to travel more than an hour and a half for a visit). It seemed to be a little gem tucked in Wheaton, Montgomery County, Maryland. 

On Sunday, May 21st, the trip happened. We didn't have any issue finding the gardens, and there was plenty of parking. The gardens didn't top Ladew Topiary Gardens, but I enjoyed the visit. We didn't pay an entrance fee, but they did charge to visit the Butterfly Garden. 

Most of the garden was well-manicured. They had some spots that look like works-in-progress, but I'm sure they will be adding more plants in the future. 

My favorite parts of Brookside Gardens:

  1. The Formal Gardens
  2. The Rose Garden
  3. The Gude Japanese-Style Garden (with the Japanese Tea House)

Here is a link of a map of the gardens. The azaleas weren't in bloom when we visited, but the roses were phenomenal! 

While there, I did some quick sketches of some of the roses. Plenty of benches were scattered around to enjoy the scenery and garden sculptures. I would definitely recommend a visit! 

I will giveaway a hint...while there, I was having difficulty taking macro pictures with my iPhone. I paid all of 99 cents (if I'm not mistaken) and downloaded Camera Plus. It did the trick--nicely!